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I've created this blog in order to bring to the forefront the sad reality of rape victims throughout the world in the 21st century. Currently I'm collecting every piece of information I can find regarding this subject, and put it here with reference to the origin. Please comment and spread it to people that may find this interesting.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New test results could clear mid of date-rape drug charge

Refuting previous evidence in the rape case against Naval Academy Midshipman Kenny Ray Morrison, new test results revealed this week raise doubt that either of the two alleged victims were given a date-rape drug. An analysis of hair samples, conducted by the French lab ChemTox at the request of the prosecution, has caused attorneys in the case to schedule another probable cause hearing for Dec. 20. "I believe the government's position that Midshipman Morrison administered GHB to either of the alleged victims has been disproven by scientific evidence," Midshipman Morrison's lead attorney, William Ferris, said late yesterday when contacted at his home. "This is very good information; this is very good evidence for us." Mr. Ferris said he received the report late Monday, and Navy prosecutors and the investigating officer asked him if he wanted to re-open the Article 32 investigation.

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