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I've created this blog in order to bring to the forefront the sad reality of rape victims throughout the world in the 21st century. Currently I'm collecting every piece of information I can find regarding this subject, and put it here with reference to the origin. Please comment and spread it to people that may find this interesting.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Child rapist 'not me'

Eddie Johnson is still getting over what he calls the worst day of his life. He scratched his way out of the Cabrini-Green housing project in Chicago, fashioned a long and successful NBA career, turned that into an opportunity on TV and built a reputation as an all-around good guy who loves to work with kids. His worst scrape with the law involved a couple of traffic tickets. Now he's dealing with a case of mistaken identity that shocked him and his friends and, he fears, may have permanently sullied his reputation. "Devastating. Hard to explain," Johnson said yesterday. .

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