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I've created this blog in order to bring to the forefront the sad reality of rape victims throughout the world in the 21st century. Currently I'm collecting every piece of information I can find regarding this subject, and put it here with reference to the origin. Please comment and spread it to people that may find this interesting.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Investigators Testing Bottles For Signs Of Date-Rape Drug

TAMPA - Plastic bottles labeled as breath freshener and eye drops may reveal whether a narcotic known as a date-rape drug was used in an alleged gang rape last month, court papers released Tuesday show. Police have accused three men and a woman of drugging and raping a Sarasota woman at 2919 N. 16th St. on May 13. Detectives are investigating whether other people have been victimized. Police executing a search warrant May 26 seized two bottles marked "breath mint" and six bottles marked "sweet breath" and Ciloxan, an antibacterial eye solution, court papers say. Each was to be tested at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for GHB, or gamma hydroxybutyric acid. The drug, which takes the form of a colorless liquid or white powder, can cause dizziness or drowsiness, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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